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Traveling through the islands of the Philippines: an exotic paradise on earth

This exotic paradise is the Philippines—an archipelago of over 7,000 islands, each with their own distinct allure and Tourists flock from all corners of the world to see the snow-white beaches, emerald rainforests, and the wonderful underwater worlds it boasts of. We bring you top attractions and unique places in the Philippines that are worth your time when on tour.

Boracay: This small island has been a tourist magnet because of its fantastic beaches with soft, white sand and clear, bright blue water. Boracay is ideal for both a beach holiday with lots of water sports and a nightlife holiday with some of the most relaxed and. 

Palauan: a paradise for divers and snorkelers with its unique underwater world. So, it is evidently the case that the most picturesque island in the Philippines, with winding karst cliffs and clear lagoons and

Siquijor: It has an uncanny ambiance, local beliefs, and legends go that there is a strong following of witchcraft on the island. It is the local island of Filipinos, who come in for enjoyment along with the beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and caves, in addition to traditional culture and practices of the island.

Bohol: It is an island known for its Chocolate Hills, a unique geological formation that changes color with the change of seasons. There, tourists can also admire the view of the primitive primate, a tarsier, swim in crystal clear rivers, or relax in the quiet countryside.

Siargao: an island for surfers. The great waves for surfing and beautiful beaches are things that attract tourists to Siargao from all over the world. Still, you can also enjoy quietness in provincial villages, mangrove forests, and explore numerous caves.

Coron: It has sunken ships and coral reefs, along with beautiful diving scenery. Starting from Coron, one can reach Calamian Island, the land of rare fauna and coastline beaches.

Batanes is the northernmost archipelago of the Philippines; it is not just land—nature has really been magnanimous over here. The absolutely breathtaking views of landscapes mixed with a fine combination of cultures make this place unique. Batanes will be a perfect place for nature admirers and those who would like to plunge into the traditions and customs of local life.

Mindoro: The island offers variability in ecosystems; it has the mountainous, rainforests, and sandy beaches. Mindoro is best known for its beautiful coral reefs from which one can have excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities.

Donsol: It is the place on this island where tourists can swim with large whale sharks, which accumulate here at a definite time of year. Besides, Donsol has beautiful beaches and assures its visitors of being able to see some of the most picturesque sunsets.

Samar: It is one of the largest in the Philippines, attractive to tourists with its caves, waterfalls, and a variety of wildlife. It’s easy from here to get to the best natural parks, where rare kinds of bats live.

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